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Responsible Sourcing

DiamonDiamonD follows the entire chain of diamonds, from the rough purchase at Alrosa’s Mine, to the cut by skilled artisans, who transform the rough into gems of rare beauty. We have a responsible supply to ensure respect for the places and people who provide us extraordinary diamonds.

Let’s recall together the steps of the DiamonDiamonD Chain starting from the source of our diamonds.

First Phase – extraction

The traceability of the rough is essential to ensure a responsible mineral supply at environmental and social level. Our diamonds come from the Alrosa Mine, the second world-wide for mining.

Second phase – the cut

The rough diamonds are shipped to Armenia, in Yerevan, in one of the oldest cutting factory. Here, thanks to the technical expertise, precision and creativity of skilled craftsmen, diamonds are shaped and reveal all their natural beauty through the cutting and polishing phases.

Third Phase – certification

We rely on the most accredited international institutes before bringing diamonds in Italy: the GIA NY (Gemmological Institute of America) and the HRD of Antwerp (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant Antwerpen).

Fourth Phase – the setting of the jewel

We prepare a free hand drawing of the setting to make each piece unique. After this phase, the diamond is ready to be set. Every setting is handmade to ensure that the final design will exalts the stone to the maximum. Our quality controls are very severe because we want every griffe and bezel to be perfect.
Each setting is polished with care and attention to shine like the diamond that protects and enhances.
After touring the world the diamond is finally ready to be worn!

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