Per appassionati di gemme preziose, diamanti e orologi.
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[The diamond] It’s nicer than a stock certificate, and it does not give any worries when the market is floating. It is quiet, embedded in a ring or locked in a safe deposit box, while its value increases each day.

[Ronald Schiller, In the world of diamonds, Selection from the Reader’s Digest, February 1974]

The diamond’s investment is a valuable tool for enhancing your savings and diversifying your assets.

We are able to find the best diamonds, certified GIA NewYork or HRD, based on the capital you want to allocate and on your expectations, offering an efficient and discreet service.

The diamond market trend – in the long term – is represented as a growing line, with low peaks. Our company constantly studies these diamond value growth curves, to be able to recommend the best combination of cut, carat, color, purity, proportions and symmetry.

Gli Esperti DiamonDiamonD sono lieti di ospitarvi nelle nostre sedi a Roma o Lugano.